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future-proofing through
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What is future-proofing (and why do you need it)?

You will need to future-proof your organization (and yourself) to thrive during change. Not just once, but again and again. True learning organizations (and leaders) will emerge as the winners and industry leaders. Most corporate training delivers content, but learning is uncertain. Most consultants do work for you, but your employees don't learn. We can show you how to work better by making learning and work inseparable and continuous. Let us show you how.

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Dave Inglis
Chief Executive Officer

Dave is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to catalyze the transformation and growth of others, and inspire the next generation to lead with love.

Bruce Arai

Bruce has been a senior university administrator for 13 years, and is committed to re-imagining the connection between learning and meaningful work.

Jeff Mitchell
Chief Learning Officer

Jeff is an innovative educator and lifelong learner striving to create learning ecosystems that empower people to change the trajectory of their lives.

Trudy Koen
Program Director

Trudy is a business and marketing professional with over 14 years of global experience in the tech industry and, more recently, as a Professor and Program Director in the education space.